Copic Europe celebration

A month ago or so I spotted a post over at Copic Marker Europe that they were having a challenge running and that they provided the digital image to be used in the creation. As I have never really been provided with the actual image to use previously, I thought it would be a nice challenge and committed to join in by emailing for the two digital images that were provided.

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My first craft show

craft shop purchasesYesterday I got up early with great anticipation. I was going to my first craft show!

I had no idea what to expect. All I knew before going was that there would be a Lili of the Valley stand. It was through their website I found out about it in the first place. I had looked to see what was happening at the show, without much luck. There were two shows in one; one for stitching and one labelled Hobby Craft.  It was taking place at Glow in Bluewater, Kent. Half an hour drive from here. With that as our starting point we took off, figuring that if it wasn’t as expected we could always go hopping in the mall instead.

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A new home

I had been seriously considering it for a few days, and it finally happened yesterday. The blog has a new home here in Lizland. It didn’t quite fit in where it was located previously, so I think this is a good change. I have spotted some competitions I would like to enter in, so it is nice having a site dedicated to crafting hobbies only, which is what this will be. Recently I have also stumbled upon some great blogs, but before I wanted to comment I wanted to have this blog sorted out. It is not done yet, though.

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A start

It didn’t take very long. In fact, the second I heard it, it was the obvious choice.


I like it.

It is important. Or at least, I feel it is important. It is important to me. When I want to create something, whether it is web related, crafting something or taking photos.


It seems very fitting. A little goes a long way, they say, and I agree. The main idea behind this showcase, illustrative ramblings or whatever description is most fitting, is so I can look back and use my own creations to be inspired to make more. New and better, always improve. I believe just seeing how I progress as time goes by will be an inspiration in itself.


Perhaps I can be. I’d like to think so. If there is just one person out there who gets inspired by one thing I add here, then it has served a purpose. Even if that person is me.