Dragon with cupcake

Today we have yet another card I made a couple of months ago when I was on my last card making spree. I have still not had time to make any more, so I’m glad I got so many done in August. It looks like I might not have time to make anything until mid December, but I hope I am wrong. Anyway, here is the card.

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Balloons and dragon

Father’s day is approaching fast in the UK. Here we don’t get it until November! The card I made is for my boyfriend’s dad. I wanted to avoid the usual colours of blues, greens and browns, but still keep it from being a girly card. It turned out to be easier than I had anticipated.

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Elephant love

A couple of months ago, after I had shown a friend one of the new stamps I was looking at purchasing, he asked if I could make a card for him to give away. As always I felt up for the challenge, so I asked what sort of things he wanted on it. The unusual request included elephant, dragon and pink. Slightly puzzled at how I would pull this one I went to work making this card.

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Dragon with flowers

As might be guessed from my complete lack of blog posts as of late, I have been very busy. The days are rushing past at an unbelievable pace and the exams are getting closer by the minute. At least that is how it feels when the pile of books is only growing taller, instead of smaller! Nevertheless, a blog post was well over due, so here is a new card:

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