Konfirmasjon and DT call entry

I quite liked a birthday card I made recently, happy times, and wanted to utilise the same card blank for a ‘konfirmasjon’ card. This card is not due until September, so for once I am not making things last-minute! I had picked out which image I wanted to use long ago. One by Saturated Canary and the talented Krista Smith. Apart from that it had to be quite a feminine card.

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Butterflies and flowers

The crafting inspiration is greater than the blog inspiration still, so I am still a bit behind in posting the cards here. However, this card couldn’t have been posted until this week anyway, as it was for a co-worker whose birthday was this week. I wanted to make something flowery with a dash of red.

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Rural summer

What a beautiful day! After several days of heavy rain, darkness and dull colours, the sunshine gives plenty of energy. My exams are approaching as fast as ever, and are only a week away now. Thankfully, stressing is not something I seem very capable of. Although, at times I’m sure it would help get things done a bit swifter. The pile of books still appear to be somewhat within control as well! Anyway, such a beautiful day calls for another card posted!

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