Butterflies and fairies

This card was made entirely for the latest challenge at Lili’s Little Fairies. The main clue here was to use Butterflies and Fairies, which is something I have used a fair bit of, but not really in a combination. I’ve had a massive card making spree this weekend and given something new a go as well as making a card for a co-worker whose birthday is in a few days. These will be added over the next week or two. First we’ll have a look at the card I made for this challenge:

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Girly girl

Who would have thought making cards would be so much fun?! It has been a learning curve, quite a steep one. When I first starting purchasing things to make cards with in August I hadn’t really thought much about what I was getting myself into, or how much money I would spend. Now, my wallet many, many pounds lighter, I am very happy I just went with the random idea it was at the time. I am having a blast. It is great having an excuse to sit and colour in images and merely decorate cards, one by one. Of course it takes time, but it’s worth it. Today’s card is pink, purple and possibly my best one yet. Let’s take a closer look!

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It’s spring!

The last few days of beautiful sunshine and agreeable temperatures have made me want to toss the warmer clothes to the back of the wardrobe. Spring is seeming right around the corner, but experience tells me it may well start snowing again next week, so I shall wait a little bit longer before getting the sandals back out. Any threats of snow will not stop me from making spring inspired cards, however! This post is for a card I just finished today.

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Easel angel

Yet another card that was a project for my sister. It’s great having excuses to make more cards, so getting to make some for her to give away suited me perfectly! Although, I do find it difficult to make for people I don’t know, it’s good practice before I start on the cards a co-worker has requested made.

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Girly birthday

I’ve had a good weekend making a few cards and getting a fair bit of studying done. As this week has started off with two deliveries of new stuff, one from Wild Orchid Crafts and one from Kreativ Hobby, I wish I could say the next weekend is likely to be equally creative. However, I am going away on Friday for nearly a week, so the cards I have made the past week shall be lined up to so I can easily get them posted over the next week and a half! Anyway, onto this post’s card!

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