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Ever since I started this blog, I’ve made sure I’ve had a page for each year to show off everything I have made and added links to each of the blog posts to easily show off and find the posts. As this will be the 8th year with I am making an overview page, I have decided to put the links to them all on this page, instead of having them all in the navigation on top. There is simply not enough room anymore! So here they are. Each link will take you to the page containing links and photos of all the creations I made that year. Enjoy!

Cards 2020 (in progress)

Cards 2019 (115 cards)  |  Cards 2018 (167 cards)  |  Cards 2017 (80 cards)

Cards 2016 (34 cards)  |  Cards 2015 (66 cards)  |  Cards 2014 (74 cards)

Cards 2013 (57 cards)  |  Cards 2012 (88 cards)  |  Cards 2011 (32 cards)

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