Crafting Gallery

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve made sure I’ve had a page for each year to show off everything I have made and added links to each of the blog posts to easily show off and find the posts. This is now my 11th year of card making and I have overview pages for each year listed below. Each link will take you to the page containing links and photos of all the creations I made that year. Enjoy!

Cards 2021 (in progress)  |  Cards 2020 (156 cards)

Cards 2019 (115 cards)  |  Cards 2018 (167 cards)  |  Cards 2017 (80 cards)

Cards 2016 (34 cards)  |  Cards 2015 (66 cards)  |  Cards 2014 (74 cards)

Cards 2013 (57 cards)  |  Cards 2012 (88 cards)  |  Cards 2011 (32 cards)

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