Cards: 2011

These cards were all made in 2011. The top left one is the most recent, while the bottom right one is one of the very first cards I made. In the first few cards I experimented with various shapes and folds, but when Christmas was drawing nearer and I didn’t have a lot of time to make cards, they all got basic folds again. Additionally, with it being my first year trying out this new hobby, I have gotten a lot more equipment over the course of the year, ending in a die cutter for Christmas which I am certain will be used a lot in 2012, so be sure to check out that page as soon as it’s added.

In 2011 I mostly made birthday and Christmas cards. Click each small card to get to its post with bigger photos of both the front and inside, as well as random ramblings.

                Christmas - Deck the Halls  Christmas - Pile of Presents  Christmas - Mistletoe Snowman  Christmas - Shepherd  Christmas - Carol singing  Christmas - puppy post and bow  Christmas - Puppy Post  Christmas - Skating Along  Christmas - Fairy  Christmas - Shepard  Christmas - Teddy with presents  Christmas - Girl waiting for santa Little nurse  Earthly louis with flowers  smell the flowers  autumn  girl with flowers  beer card  Teddy with balloons  Card viewed from the front  Birthday card with a Louis stamp     

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