Cards: 2014

Below you can get an overview of the cards I have made in 2014. Each card will link directly to the post belonging to the card which will include some information about what materials have been used to create them. There are similar pages for the cards made in 2013, 2012 and 2011.

The older cards will be at the bottom right moving up to the most recent in the top left corner. Enjoy!

card303_1  card311_1  card310_1  card298_1  card272_2  card291_1  card281_1  card287_1  card309_1  card305_1  card267_1  card288_1  card266_1  card285_2  card280_1  card265_1  card279_1  card264_1  card278_1  card263_1  card277_1  card262_1  card271_1  card261_1  bookmark008_1  card260_1  card270_2  card259_1  card255_1  card258_1  card269_1  card257_1  card254_1  card256_1  card253_1  card252_1  card249_1  card251_1  card245_1  card248_1  card250_1  card247_1  card244_1  card220_1  card243_2  card246_2  bookmark005_2  card242_1  card241_1  card236_1  card240_1  card237_1  card238_1  card235_1  card230_1  card232_2  card229_1  card234_2  card231_1  card227_1  card233_1  card228_1  LizlandHHch5  LizlandHHch5_2  card226_2  card225_2  card219_1  card224_1  card223_1  craft001  card205_1  card218_1  card217_1  card213_1

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