Cards: 2013

Below you can get an overview of the cards I have made in 2013. Each card will link directly to the post belonging to the card which will include some information about what materials have been used to create them. The thumbnails are also bigger this year than on the pages for the 2012 and 2011 cards, by about 50%.

The older cards will be at the bottom right moving up to the most recent in the top left corner. Enjoy!

card216_2  card215_1  card212_1  card214_1  card199_1  LizlandHHch1_2  card211_1  card210_1  card209_1  card203_1  card202_1  card204_1  card206_1  card201_1  card196_1  card178_1  card197_1  card165_1  card195_1  card200_1  card135_1    card193_1  card184_1  card194_1  card187_2  card154_1  card192_1  card188_3  card190_1  card189_1  card185_1  card183_1  card181_1  card150_1  card153_1    card180_1  card176_1    card167_1  card173_1  card166_1  card175_1  card157_1      card162_1  Girl on chair  card139_1  card147_1  card144_1  card138_1  card131_1  card125_1  Geisha  card124_1

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