A start

It didn’t take very long. In fact, the second I heard it, it was the obvious choice.


I like it.

It is important. Or at least, I feel it is important. It is important to me. When I want to create something, whether it is web related, crafting something or taking photos.


It seems very fitting. A little goes a long way, they say, and I agree. The main idea behind this showcase, illustrative ramblings or whatever description is most fitting, is so I can look back and use my own creations to be inspired to make more. New and better, always improve. I believe just seeing how I progress as time goes by will be an inspiration in itself.


Perhaps I can be. I’d like to think so. If there is just one person out there who gets inspired by one thing I add here, then it has served a purpose. Even if that person is me.

Comment away

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