A new hobby

Recently I had this sudden urge to make my own birthday/occasion cards.

Starting on a new hobby entirely, like this, requires me to have seen creations somewhere which I like and feel I should be able to make. The desire to make homemade cards was no exception.

I stumbled upon a website called StampARTic and was most fascinated by their creations. This led to more web browsing and the discovery that there is a whole world out there with very talented people making cards that knocks the socks off the ones I normally find in a shop. Soon found myself browsing online crafting shops, trying to pick only a few stamp designs, and failing miserably. It was immensely difficult trying to pick only a few, but in the end I had narrowed it down to approximately 10 designs. Then it was a matter of picking everything I needed to go with them.

After spending a lot more money than intended, l suddenly owned a cutter, an edge puncher, some ink, paper, flowers, stickers, and not to mention a fair few fancy pens. There was no way back.

So far, before the creation of this blog, I have made nearly 10 cards. It takes a lot of time to make one card – or rather, I take a lot of time making one. With time, I expect the creation of each one will be quicker, as I learn various techniques and get familiar with various folding techniques and know what I am able to make. I always loved colouring as a child and I find great pleasure in being able to once again colour with a purpose.

As I go along and make various cards, I plan to post photos of the finished product. I will also link to any tutorials and mention other inspirational sources I used for each card, where applicable.

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