Welcome little one

The first card I wanted to make was for some friends who were expecting a baby. They didn’t, however, know if they were having a boy or a girl, so the main challenge was to make the card as gender neutral as possible. I spent forever trying to find a suitable stamp. (It is not actually the first card I made. However, it was the first card I was determined to make, hence it is shown as the first card here.)

I early decided on the colours green and purple to avoid the red/pink and blue. And I wanted a fairly plain card. Fancy and froo froo will come when I have more experience with all the various elements in the carfting, that is my aim anyway.

Google has proven a great tool for helping me get started. I was browsing scrapping sites when I came across My Creativity Life and this particular card. (It is stunning, isn’t it?) It worked as my inspiration for the card layout and I was playing around hoping to get the measurements right.

I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Oh and congatulations on their baby girl <3

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