My first craft show

craft shop purchasesYesterday I got up early with great anticipation. I was going to my first craft show!

I had no idea what to expect. All I knew before going was that there would be a Lili of the Valley stand. It was through their website I found out about it in the first place. I had looked to see what was happening at the show, without much luck. There were two shows in one; one for stitching and one labelled Hobby Craft.  It was taking place at Glow in Bluewater, Kent. Half an hour drive from here. With that as our starting point we took off, figuring that if it wasn’t as expected we could always go hopping in the mall instead.

Merely stepping into the Hobby Crafts section told me that we would be there for quite some time! The stands were packed together, overloaded with things to look at and stash to purchase. My wallet was already screaming for me to turn around, but it was too late. I was trying to be good and not purchase from the first stands I found, just because they were there, and surprisingly the first stand I got to where I made a purchase was selling… nail polish! They had nail polish with brushes and pens to make drawings on nails with. Unable to choose which pack of 10 polish to get, I bought both. I look forward to trying this out, although I guess I need to rope someone into drawing on my right hand as I am certainly useless with my left. This stand was quite different from anything in there.

lovely adorable buttons!Wading through the various stands, I discovered many new things. One stand was dedicated to the most adorable wooden buttons. I grabbed a small bowl and started filling it. Unsure of what I would or wouldn’t make use of, I picked whatever looked interesting; dragonflies, butterflies, sentiments, dogs, flowers, owls and… a moose, just to mention a few of the ones that made their way into my shopping bowl. Thankfully the bag had their card in it with their website address. I will certainly purchase more from them!

Various card packs, miles and miles of stamps, pens, die cuts, die cut shapes, ink, pens, ribbons, buttons and anything else you might need. It was all here. I went from stand to stand and tried to moderate my purchases. A little here and a little there quickly adds up though. However, I managed to moderate myself enough that it should at least fit in the suitcase going home again!

I was especially impressed by a stand who made completely different cards. They painted the plain card with water based ink and stamped silhouette type stamps over it at various strengths creating impressive depth. If I wouldn’t have had to buy so much to get started on it, I would have certainly given this a go!

more craft shop purchasesSpecifically going over to England as this show was on was a great idea. I had a fab time and saw so many gorgeous cards, watched some excellent demonstrations. My boyfriend even picked out beads for a bracelet in the stitching section for a bracelet for Valentine’s Day. He is so sweet!

Sadly the Lili of the Valley stamps stand (they also had a die cut stand) didn’t actually have a few of the stamps I’ve kept my eye on, but it didn’t matter. I made loads of great purchases, got much inspiration and have a few new online shops on my favourites list. It really was a great experience. If you haven’t been to a craft show like this, you are really missing out on lots of fun and inspiration. Just set yourself an amount you are willing to spend before you, or it may well get very expensive!

On Tuesday I will get on the flight and head home ago. At least I will be looking forward to sitting down at the hobby table and start letting out some of the ideas I have been gathering. What fun I shall be having!

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