Box for a small gift

So here is something that doesn’t happen very often, a non-card project and no colouring! I made this box by request from a co-worker. She really likes the colour blue so I wanted to make it in that colour for her. It was to be given to a couple who were both celebrating their 50th birthday.

I used various blue papers and made a sentiment myself. I cut a paper straw in half and died some twine around it. A bit of cheesecloth, chipboard and blue distress ink helped make up the rest of the box.

Here you can see the side and front of the box at the same time:

The box is easy to open. Just untie it!

As you can see, I added the number 50 to each side. One for each of the two people celebrating their birthday.

Would you like to try to make one? I’ve added a template here.

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