A little less feminine

It was difficult. Making a card for a bloke was in fact a lot harder than I had thought it would be. I decided to avoid the side puncher and fancy layouts and go with something simple. This was one of the first cards I made.

I wanted a bright colour, because it reflects the recipient well. The tea coloured Distress Ink worked as a nice fade effect, sadly it was the first card I attempted it on so it doesn’t look great.

This is possibly the best colouring I have managed so far. It was an obvious stamp choice as it was the least feminine one I got! The balloons turned out just as I wanted them to, and the bear looks pretty good, too.

Teddy with balloons

If there is one obsession the recipient has then it’s motorbikes! This card obviously had to have an element on this in it. Lacking good ideas of how to add it, I merely cut some paper around the edge of the bike image and added it as a plain element. With more experience I hope to add more originality… The other half of the middle was the greeting part with balloons and framed with jeans printed paper.

Teddy with balloons, open

At the back I added a jeans like back pocket with a tag inside.

Teddy with balloons, back cover

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