Even manlier

Another bloke’s birthday was coming up. He’d heard I was going to start trying to make homemade cards and had quickly pointed out his birthday was coming up real soon. So there I was, once again, completely stuck for ideas.

Blue seemed a pretty safe colour and as I bought some beer and bar stickers, a brown woody effect seemed the most obvious obvious choice. At the front I used balloon stamps, blue ink to shade and drew a border around the name frame. It’s simple, but I think it worked well.

beer card

The middle was more difficult to decorate, but I tried to keep with the theme of the front still. I also managed to sneak in a cute stamp! I’m very pleased with the colouring of the duck stamp actually! In fact, I think the entire greeting area turned out pretty well, with both the shading and bordering. The inked shading doesn’t show as well here as I photoshopped out the greeting and it messed with the inking slightly at the same time as I’d written over it!

beer card, inside

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