Pink and flowery

Although made around the same time as the cards posted thus far, this is the card I started on last. I wanted something plain, but still colourful and girly. The decision fell on pink and green patterned paper with some dark red to get some contrasts in.

The stamp was chosen first, because this was first stamp I chose when I purchased the first lot, and I hadn’t used it on anything yet! I love the Sarah Kay stamps and this one is called Juliet in the Field of Nasturtiums. Stampavie makes them. It did take a while to colour, but I’m very pleased with the end result.

It is only the front of the card that’s been decorated, the inside was slightly borded by flowers on the patterned paper so I decided to leave that as it was.

girl with flowers

This is one of my favourite cards and I reckon I’ll make quite a few with similar style to this one.

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