Summer, sea and shells.

Today’s card was made with inspiration of summer, sea and shells.  I spotted a jar of shells in a shop while just have a looking randomly as I was waiting for somebody. A few days later I was able to put them to good use and have made more cards using shells since, which I hope to post soon. As I haven’t got a sea-side inspired stamp, I went with a country themed one instead for this card.

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Rural summer

What a beautiful day! After several days of heavy rain, darkness and dull colours, the sunshine gives plenty of energy. My exams are approaching as fast as ever, and are only a week away now. Thankfully, stressing is not something I seem very capable of. Although, at times I’m sure it would help get things done a bit swifter. The pile of books still appear to be somewhat within control as well! Anyway, such a beautiful day calls for another card posted!

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Rural tranquility

A co-worker’s 50th birthday was last week; of course a card was due for the special occasion! I asked her sister-in-law was sort of colours would be good and she told me anything purple and perhaps a bit of brown. So that was my starting point! After a quick trip to a localish shop to get some purple paper, as I was all out, it was time to make the card:

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It’s spring!

The last few days of beautiful sunshine and agreeable temperatures have made me want to toss the warmer clothes to the back of the wardrobe. Spring is seeming right around the corner, but experience tells me it may well start snowing again next week, so I shall wait a little bit longer before getting the sandals back out. Any threats of snow will not stop me from making spring inspired cards, however! This post is for a card I just finished today.

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Flower power

Arrived in London last night, so today will be spent purchasing more things for my card making collection! There will definitely be a pad of First Edition Papers in my suitcase when I head home, I’ll just have to see which they have first! Apart from that I had a Wild Orchid Crafts order waiting for me here. We shall see what else I can find in Range and Hobbycraft today!

This is a card I made for my sister to give to her friend. She wanted it to be retro-like, which is really not my thing, but I wanted to give it a go anyway. It turned out pretty decent after all I think.

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