Teddy with flowers

This is another birthday card, but this time the stamp image was chosen first. I love the teddy holding all the flowers, with the little frame. After colouring it in, I decided on what colours I wanted to use on the cards to go with – a little backwards, I know. I’m quite pleased with how the colouring turned out.

The punched border was decided on early, I hadn’t used it on any cards I’d made thus far, not the corner punch anyway. It was a little tricky to get it to even out, as I hadn’t looked to see whether it came with suggested measurements. I got it lined up and working anyway. It worked well with the textured paper.

To get it all to tie together, I tried to hand draw a flower border around the greeting area. I wish I’d had a thinner pen to do it with, but it turned out alright, I think.

Card viewed from the front

I quite like this card design. I got the idea for it after browsing through many cards online. It is great how it folds flat, but can stand up on display like this, and it was so easy to make! The pearls were used for both decorative and practical reasons; they are great for holding the card from sliding while stood on display!

Card viewed side on

I quite like this card!

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