Teddy card

The folding idea for this card came from various websites. Most of them hard the card stood the other way around. However, that wouldn’t fit with the paper I had bought specifically for this birthday.

I found it challenging to colour the teddy bear stamp. It is called Louis with flowers and is from Wild Rose Studio. After glancing at a few tutorials on using copic markers, I came up with a result I am fairly pleased with. There were some other teddies I think came out better, but that may be more down to colour choices than the actual colouring. I am pleased with the rest of the colouring, though. The balloons were from a different stamp set and didn’t come with the teddy bear.

Birthday card with a Louis stamp

The first fold holds my greeting and specifically chosen paper. As you can see it is pretty large when unfolded. Click to view the larger size.

Inside the Louis teddy card

This is another card which can be folded open twice, even though the last unfold (in this card, at least) doesn’t hide much. I merely made the inside match the outside of the fold, but used different words on the text.

Louis teddy card, completely unfolded


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