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About half a year ago I made some bookmarks (see the old post here). I made them after I’d found a tutorial which was very simple to use. While making a birthday card for a young lad, I decided to make some matching bookmarks, as he is always happy getting books for Christmas and birthday presents. I decided to try to make the bookmarks from memory, and they turned out surprisingly well as I didn’t use any dimensions or a blank template.

bookmark post thumbnail

I love the monster type, so I had to make one of those after I finally came across some funky eyes to use in a yarn shop the other day. They are prefect for these bookmarks and I had to choose eyes of different sizes as I think it makes the monster even more fun. This is how the monster looks on its own, and while munching through the pages! I used background with text on for inside the mouth there so there wouldn’t be any doubt about the monsters favourite food!

monster bookmark    monster bookmark munching pages

However, as the eyes make the bookmark a bit big, I decided on making a matching bookmark without the monster look. The photos will show the bookmark on its own, used in an open book and at the end I’ve added a photo of how it looks with the book closed. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s not easy to knock it out of the book.

teal corner bookmark    teal corner bookmark on a page    teal corner bookmark in a closed book

As I have a fair few books to read for my studies, I decided to make myself a bookmark while at it. Pink, roses and checkered background fits me well. Here you can see pictures of it own its own, both back and front, and on a page. I love these bookmarks as they sit so nicely on the page, and saves me folding the page corners themselves to keep track of what page I’m on!

pink corner bookmark on a page    pink corner bookmark, front    pink corner bookmark, back

I still don’t have the proper camera to take the photos with, so the background on the last two photos are particularly awful! Also, I have yet to finish that birthday card. I got too carried away making bookmarks… I’m currently working on some normal square ones as well, so hopefully the card will be finished tomorrow!

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