My cards from 2011

I have put together a page showing the off the cards I made in 2011. Ever since I was caught by the homemade cards bug in July, and made my first card in August, I have purchased a lot more materials from pens and stamps to a paper-cutter. The cards have gotten better, even if the fold has remained simple for the past few months due to lack of time to spend on fancifying that aspect of the creation. I also feel a lot more confident colouring the stamps.

As I was spoilt for Christmas, I now have a die cutter that is safely placed on the table and is already in use. I also have a much larger selection of pens to use for colouring in the stamps. Apparently I have been quite untidy keeping my stamps as well as I now have a very nice folder to keep them in! Additionally, I went somewhat crazy and purchased a lot of ribbon a few days ago in various shapes and colours which I look forward to use. The shopping bag also contained various patterned paper and some die cut shapes and embossing patterns! Already this year I have made four new cards which I look forward to post on here. There will certainly more over the course of the next couple of weeks also, as I have a bit of spare time on my hands!

Here is another link to my page of cards

Cards from 2011

Wishing you all the very best for 2012.

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