A new home

I had been seriously considering it for a few days, and it finally happened yesterday. The blog has a new home here in Lizland. It didn’t quite fit in where it was located previously, so I think this is a good change. I have spotted some competitions I would like to enter in, so it is nice having a site dedicated to crafting hobbies only, which is what this will be. Recently I have also stumbled upon some great blogs, but before I wanted to comment I wanted to have this blog sorted out. It is not done yet, though.

The old posts and card photos have already been moved here and appear like before. Currently the theme is one that came with the blog installation, and that is something I am looking forward to change. Although I really like this theme, I prefer to have my own, at least my own look for it. I have yet to decide on which theme I’d like to re-skin and then I’ll see how many coding tweaks I’ll have to do to get it just how I want it. Hopefully it will all be up and running as intended before the week is over. It really depends on how much I am able to concentrate. Still I fully rely on this designing to be the distraction I need right now.

So far this year I have made five cards. They have all been taken photos of and will be posted over the next couple of weeks. There are also a few more cards in the making as more birthdays and other fun occasions are lined up before spring makes its appearance. I have a lot of fun new card making toys to play with, so hopefully there will be both cards and other creations finding their way to the blog over the next few months.


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