Mechanical Birthday

A new year, and a lot of cards to make! There are so many I want to make (and need to make soon), but first I have this website to sort out. Now that my first holiday this year is booked, the university courses are sorted and the time-table laid out I know what time I’ll have between studies and work, and I also know my deadline for the first batches of cards to bring with me on holiday. Although the year started horribly, things are starting to pick up a bit. I have made some cards already, though! Let’s have a closer look at the first one!

Mechanical - thumbnail

The start of the year meant not only the creation of one blokey card, but three. Oh, the horror! Pinks and pretty would have been frowned upon massively on the first one I had to make, so it was time to find something else suitable. For this one I found paper perfect for a mechanic. It was reasonably decorative on its own and to keep it simple I added a border at the top and bottom and then some stickers, happy hour and a couple of lager bottles. Lastly I braved adding a ribbon to the side, but avoided the bow.

I realise the photo of this one was a bit dark, but I think it quite suits the card.


Inside was equally difficult as I wanted to use a stamped image. I cut out another part of the mechanic paper and made it match the front page with its border. Then I added the greeting area, edged it with grey, and cut out the words ‘trust me,’ and ‘i’m a mechanic’ to frame the greeting area. The stamp I chose was the Louis with Flower stamp I have used previously. It’s not particularly girly or pretty as such, while still giving the impression that this is actually indeed a birthday card. Having gotten some more Copics for Christmas, I enjoyed the large range of colours by pretty much using my old ones still! I’m terrible. I shall make a point of using nearly only new ones on one of my next cards!

MEchanic - inside

I think this is the most masculine card to date, with competition from the one to be posted next. It is the words ‘tool box’ and ‘engine’ that bring this the victory as it was a close competition, heh.

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