Pink with a hint of summer

I had to make another birthday card before Christmas as well. It was for a lady celebrating her 50th birthday, so I wanted to make a handmade card for her as I feel they are so much nicer to get, especially on a special occasion like that. As it was only a couple of days until Christmas I didn’t sit forever pondering what to do, I simply decided to follow the theme from the birthday card I’d made the night before.

Being a winter child, I figured she wouldn’t have had a lot of summer looking cards as they don’t seem overly common during this time of the year. So that was my source of inspiration for this – summer. The stamped image was chosen and coloured first, in reasonably neutral colours. The mouse on daisy stamp is by Tina Wenke and belongs to the Stampavie  collection. Then the patterned background was chosen to go with the pink plain card. I used a pink distress ink on a pre-made frame and glued it to the stamped image. It was all then clued together, with a dark green border to split the patterned background from the pink one. As a final touch I added some pink shiny jewels around the edge of the frame, on the plain side.

Inside this card I decided to stick with the same theme as the front. I was also very pleased with the previous birthday card I made, so I decided to go with a similar design for inside this card. The patterned paper from the front was reused on the sides, and the green was added to border it in. I decided to border in the stamped greeting as well, to draw more attention to it. The text stamp is from North Star Stamps.

As I felt there was a fair bit of open space, I got the pen out and started drawing. The bees and puffy flowers from the stamped image weren’t awfully difficult to draw and they turned out better than I had dared hope for. I reckon I will draw more of these in the future when I reuse this stamp for other cards! I also drew some on the back of the card around where I signed my work.

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