Pencil flowers on kraft

Here is the very first colouring I did using pencils. It made its way onto a card thanks to Elin who suggested this layout, inspired by a card made by Colorfulcluttereddesk on IG two years earlier, and mostly remote-controlled the making of this card. That is a very fun way to make a card, by the way, and I suggest you give it a try!

It was during one of the 30 day colouring challenges that I decided it was finally time to dig out my Prismacolor pencils and give them a try. I didn’t even have a pencil sharpener… but thankfully my other half hurried to the shop once I was done with the big flower as it was no way I was going to finish the rest of the card without sharpening a single pencil!

The gorgeous flower is a stamp by Power Poppy. The polaroid die is by MFT Stamps, the big letters are chipboard by Make it Crafty and the sentiment strip is made using Mathia Design stamps. The text means “hi, we’ll miss you”.

If anybody has a particular interest in knowing which pencils I’ve used, then I have written that down somewhere, so just pop me a message.

3 thoughts on “Pencil flowers on kraft

  1. Andrea H says:

    Gorgeous card. Brilliant colouring too. What pencils did you use? I think I’ve got all the ingredients to make this card apart from pencils, I’ve only got water colouring ones. Might try though. Oh what is the
    remote-controlled making of this card? I’d love to try it. X X

    • Liz says:

      Hi Andrea!

      Thanks so much. I use Prismacolor premier. I’m sure you can get a similar effect by colouring with other mediums as well.

      Remote-controlled is pretty much where I kept sending my friend photos and she told me how she wanted it done. She started by picking out one of the images I’d coloured up and then showed me a card someone else had made to use as the basic idea for the card. It was quite a fun and different way to make a card, for sure!

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