Yes! I managed to take proper photos of my cards this time! Ah, simple pleasures, lol. I’ve made a handful of cards over the weekend, and added images to a handful of candles! Feels great finally having these things under control with a little over a week to go, and a very busy week coming up! I’m really quite pleased with the cards I made yesterday and this is the first of them:



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Oh, santa!

The work Christmas do is already successfully been done and today I have Christmas lunch with the department at work. Just another week of work now before a nice few days off! Anybody else noticing that once again time has sped up and you’re running out of time to purchase Christmas presents? Heh, I work best under pressure anyway, so I guess I’ll spend the 23rd buying the last few. Here we celebrate on the 24th! Oh well, this post is supposed to include a card, isn’t it? Heh.


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