Fairy smelling flower, and a craft show!

Fairy and flowerTwo days ago I flew over to England for a long weekend. A trip perfectly timed to coincide with a crafting show, the crafting show at Bluewater in Kent! Today is the day! It started yesterday, but today suits me better, and it leaves time to go back at the weekend if I haven’t got time to see everything. I am really looking forward to seeing the talent and creations while soaking up as much inspiration as I can possibly manage! I look forward to seeing the Lili of the Valley stand specifically, as it was through their website I found out about it in the first place!

This is a good opportunity to post a card I made in the first half of January and completely forgot to post! It was a birthday card for my boss. It was the first card in a while I’d made with the fold on top, rather than on the side.

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Lady in pink

For this card I wanted to use pinks and blacks. This was one of the very first cards I made after I got the die cutting machine for Christmas and it had to be tried out for various shapes! I also wanted to try something different and not use a stamped image for the front. It made the card quite different from anything else I had made previously.

Lady in pink

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Summery birthday

As much as I enjoy making Christmas cards, it was a nice break making some birthday cards in the days running up to Christmas. As the two birthday celebrants don’t know each other, I decided to go with my idea of making paired cards for this also! It really is a lot quicker to just make two similar cards than two completely different ones!


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