Punch and wine

June has seemed more like monsoon season, than first month of summer. Something good has come out of it though: it has put my creativity on an all time high! I reckon I have been making an average of three cards a day the past week and a half. I am surprised my other half hasn’t gone mad by now…

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Bubbles and wine

There are some excellent tutorials out there on achieving various folds for the cards. I found three of them on this page at StampARTic. Number two on said page is the one I used for this card. It was great having measurements to follow, rather than guess randomly and hope it would turn out ok. And better still; it was fairly easy to make, even for a beginner! Thank you for a great tutorial.

Apart from the great folding technique, I used wine as inspiration for this card. I ended up using less of the paper I had bought specifically, but that doesn’t make it any less inspirational. The card is a birthday card for an auntie.

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. This is how it looks before it is opened.

Next up is the half opened fold. I merely used a decorative wine paper and added a red border (the same red border is visible on the cards first page.

Bubbles and wine, half opened

Lastly we have the card fully open. I stuck with the colours and shapes I had used thus far and I am very pleased with the result.

bubbles and wine, fully open

I think this is one of my favourite cards thus far.