Butterflies and flowers

The crafting inspiration is greater than the blog inspiration still, so I am still a bit behind in posting the cards here. However, this card couldn’t have been posted until this week anyway, as it was for a co-worker whose birthday was this week. I wanted to make something flowery with a dash of red.

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Lilac birthday fairy

Yesterday I went shopping with the intention of getting just a couple of bits. You would think by now I would realise it does not quite work that way… Once again I bought much more than I need. There are so many gorgeous papers and a lot of them made their way home with me. I also got a ton of inspiration looking at some of the cards on display in the shop. It is a shame I have to work all evening, as I think I could easily sit and make cards all day today. It is so nice getting the exams finished for the summer! This post is for the first card I made after getting the craft stuff back out.

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Tomorrow is my final exam for this semester and I am very much looking forward to digging out the craft materials and sit down to make cards without constantly feeling that I should rather be studying! The card for this post features one of my newest favourite stamps. Now, which stamp could that be?

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Baby card + box

One exam done and two to go; all this week. I am so looking forward to the weekend right now! Although I’ve barely done anything but study the past few weeks, another card post was well due! This card and box were the last I made before I packed it all away for the exam preparations. The card was a request from a co-worker and I suggested to make a box to go with. This is the first time I’ve attempted making a box! Let’s have a look then!

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Shabby Chic

I have never tried it before, the shabby chic style, but I’ve seen so many beautiful cards with the style that I figured now was a good time to give it a go. There is nothing like a good dose of inspiration, and it is Fleur who has made me want to try this style. Her cards are absolutely gorgeous; take a look if you haven’t already! Always the same soft wonderful colours. Here is my take on a shabby chic card:

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